A Celebration of YOU!

Twilight Memories was founded in the year 2000 to record and share the stories of people who are in twilight of their lives.However it's never too early to get started on your legacy!
I empower you at transition points in your life by identifying your strength, talents and contributions to this world. We then co-create a path forward, so that you have a plan that includes concise steps to navigate your way out of the confusion and feelings of "what next", using the tools of storytelling, tarot, hand analysis, astrology, and intuitive collaboration. 


I am here to help you through the transition process with active listening and empathy. I offer confidentiality, professionalism, multiple ways of writing, rewriting or leaving your legacy, as well as friendship...for however long you want or feel you need to find your best path forward. In this crazy world, people are doing and going and taking care of the needs of many. People put their children, their families, their job, their success and the joy of others first. This, in a life of balance, is the key to a happy life. However, when we are out of balance and off purpose, we feel drained, depleted, unappreciated, lost and depressed. Everything starts sliding and we lose our joy, our energy and our focus.  Most of all, we lose ourselves. We cannot even answer the question “what do you need to make things better in your life right now”?  

This business is designed to help you find the answers that you already know, but have forgotten, which are mapped out in your hands. Your hands are a mirror of your life. How you are doing, feeling, thinking, achieving all show in the lines and imprints in your hands. A hand analyst can point you back to the path of self-love and joy by helping you celebrate your gifts, recognize your talents, and identify the needs that your hands are expressing that are not getting met. 

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