1     Life Purpose Analysis Identify your life purpose, life lessons and the lens through which you see the world. Includes action steps to embrace your purpose

2     Relationship Analysis: Identify your way of loving others and wanting to be loved by others. Identify  your communication style. Understand yourself and others in your closest relationships Identify action steps to select others to live with, love with, work with and raise your awareness of how to improve current relationships; most importantly your relationship with yourself.

    Problem Solving Analysis: Identify your way of thinking, comprehending and making decisions with clarity in direction.  Find  your best approach to finding solutions for your problems and identify action steps of what steps you need to take to feel less confused and mired when presented with dilemmas. 

4     Vocational Analysis. Identify what you are best at; what are your gifts and talents, urgings of your soul, needs and desires are as identified in your hands? Identify ways to flourish with these in either a main job or side job. 

5     How to Reduce Stress Analysis: Identify your speed, focus, and ways to honor to and listen to your body. 

6      Gifts and Challenges (Blockages)  Analysis. Look at how things are going for you and what can be done to improve your trajectory forward into happiness.  

7      Self Worth, Emotions  and Money Relationship Analysis Identify blockages, develop a plan to rewire connections for happiness!

All readings can be done online, in person or on the phone. For distance hand analysis, I will send you instructions and materials on how to get your hand/fingerprints to me a. For intuitive readings I will need 1-3 questions.

$ 80 reading in area of choice using hand analysis, intuition, astrology and follow up session. Includes written report sent after reading and list of suggested steps to move forward to greater happiness in that area. 
$50 for follow-up readings in same area of choice as time passes by (generally 3 months). Includes  written report of changes noted and strategies to move forward sent afterwards.
$50 for general reading using hand analysis…..I identify 3 areas that stand out in your hand and discuss gifts and challenges they represent plus 3 steps toward moving forward.
$50 for general intuitive readings answering up to 3 questions of concern in your life.