The Story of Your Life

My father was 40 years old when his firstborn child entered the world. He had had a rich life of bachelorhood and often told the stories of his travels and escapades over and over again. As a young person I did not appreciate the tremendous history lessons included in the decades beginning in 1910. There were so many adventures that he had. And yet, I never wrote them down. I never recorded the rich oral history of his life and times and when he died, I kept wanting to ask him more about those stories that made me yawn as a child, especially as I got into family genealogy. So with that background and working with elders and others near the end of life,  I launched my business to record people's stories for their families and friends. I can assist you or do it for you. 

These are the services that I offer :

* audio and/or video recordings in mp3 format
* transcription of these stories into book form that includes special photos and handwritten pages
* remember the hands that held you
*guidance in writing your own story
* special memories from loved ones of the special moments in your life 
*obituary writing
* booklets for memorial service
* Chapters of Your Life book
*letters for loved ones

These are the guarantees I give you:

*you own your story and it goes to no one else unless directed by you on a form that you sign
*complete confidentiality, non judgement and friendship offered
* we are done when you say it is done and have given your final approval

Intrigued but uncertain this is for you or a loved one? Sign up  for a free mini session to get ideas of what a chapter in your book might look like. 
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